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It kind of hurts to know that this is going on, and especially here in Wilmington. In a similar instance, a Northern Virginia elementary school came under fire last month for its Underground Railroad game that was part of recognizing Black History Month.

A Dragon is not a slave (Valyrian Subtitle)

Teachers at a suburban New York City school singled out Black students for a mock slave auction in a fifth-grade Social Studies class, just days after Black History Month ended. Teachers reportedly told Black children to put imaginary shackles on their necks, wrists and ankles before they were taken to a classroom where classmates bid on them.

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We are experiencing the same problem, game completely hangs in multiplayer when the slave market comes up. Have to reload to fix.

Black parents are outraged by the racial insensitivity.

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In SP probably thx to my highend rig , I don't get a completely hanging game, when I open the slave market, but it takes like up to 5 seconds to load it on a huge galaxy with several empires and species. It doesn't sound like much, but it is quite noticable, when you're used to seeing a new menu instantly without delay.

Northern Virginia school under fire after students instructed to play ‘runaway slave game'

In my game right now for me it is only relevant out of RP reasons, playing a democratic human empire, have a few migration treaties and somehow humans ended up in an autocratic empire can only guess which one, if I don't want to check every planet and thus human pops tend to end up on the slave market on a regular basis. I try to buy them back, so they get freed and I can use them as work force. Khalagar View Profile View Posts. Yes, don't click on it later on, even on a high end rig it nearly crashes and takes like 5 minutes to unfreeze.

Slave Master: The Game on Steam

It can be used to educate — quite effectively actually. Another threatened his wife in sexually explicit terms. I challenged my fellow tweeters to play the game, or at least raise their hands if they had. Radio silence. If even a few critics had played Slave Trade , the discussion might have unfolded differently.

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The Slave Game The Slave Game
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