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Route Irish is a seven and a half mile road joining the Green Zone in the centre of Baghdad with the Baghdad International Airport, and is reputedly the most dangerous road in the world.

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This is just an unfortunate outcome of armed conflict. This film makes the horrors of war real to viewers, and forces us to realise some of the reality of the warfare in Iraq.

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Scenes are shot of the characters fighting bravely on foreign soil, and the impact is shown on screen through explosions and hand-to-hand combat. Not so here, Ken Loach directs a very raw portrayal of the human struggle in war. The emotional turmoil of war has made a devastating impact on the characters, and they struggle to deal with this impact as they return to everyday life.

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Both films have the focus on the effects of war on the characters, but Route Irish is much less focussed on the external violence involved in the conflict. In addition, the story of war veterans returning to Britain and having to cope with everyday life while trying to work through the numerous traumatic experiences they have had, is largely untold.

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Route Irish tells this story well. Perhaps most significantly, though, the story of the profits to be made by private companies in the middle of warfare also goes unexplored.

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Route Irish explores this murky world without censorship. From one perspective, Laverty missed an opportunity in the storyline.

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The impact on the citizens of Iraq is only touched on briefly. Frankie is reported to have helped local citizens before his death in Iraq, which Fergus discovers in his investigations, and more exploration of the impact on local families in Iraq would have enriched the story greatly.

Also, Route Irish fell into the trap of trying to please too many people.

While having a character focus and telling the story of emotional impact, Fergus at times also tries to play the part of the action hero, saving the day and trying to bring justice to an unjust situation. The Baghdad Airport Road is a kilometre 7.

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It also links different parts of Baghdad to the Airport and connects neighbouring areas to each other. It became prominent after the invasion of Iraq following its capture by the Coalition Forces.

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Because of heavy military traffic and high-profile convoys, the route from the International Zone to the airport was extremely dangerous in the years following the invasion. The many roadside bombs, suicide bombers attacking its checkpoints, drive-by shootings and random shooting from the areas on both sides of the road have led to its notoriety. In , Baghdad airport road underwent construction to repair and repave the road. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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