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Lesson Plan Sections

Chuck, a veteran elementary school teacher, was following a tried-and-true lesson plan to introduce fractions. His students quickly ate up the assignment, finishing the minute lesson in just five minutes. He was flabbergasted. Then one student raised her hand and said, "I saw this when you taught it to my brother a few years ago. I don't know everything about fractions, but I know this! Chuck immediately identified his mistake: "Never start anything without first asking what they know about the topic. That student taught me more in 15 seconds than I learned in grad school.

Importance of Lesson Planning

Lessons can quickly unravel when a group of students finishes early and starts to distract the class. You can avoid this pitfall by factoring differentiation into every lesson plan. Which students need a challenge? Which need the material to be scaffolded in a more intentional way? I like starting my lessons by speaking to the entire class, and then meeting with smaller groups to differentiate the lesson material.

Is it more work, and does it take more time to plan? But does it pay off?

If you work with small groups, make them flexible. If a student needs more challenge or review, move him to another group, even if it's just for that lesson. Don't let academic skill be the only factor you consider when creating groups. If you know that two students don't work well together, split them up. Also, for early finishers, I always plan for extra work, the next step, or a fold-back-into-the-lesson task that allows students to help others with the material. This prevents them from sidetracking students who are still focusing on the original task. Make a list of the exact materials you'll need.

Then decide which of these materials work well for you. For instance, if you like teaching with small dry-erase boards, then incorporate them into the lesson. Jaime, a middle school teacher, liked to jump-start her lessons by allowing her students to read, write, and draw in response to an inquiry-based question.

Strand A: 1850-1890

But the lesson plan her school gave her was scripted in a way that killed her natural rhythm as a teacher. The manipulatives were old-fashioned, and the script was boring. She changed the entire lesson to make it her own, and the lesson went perfectly. But don't avoid learning something new, like how to use different technology or other tools.

The first year I taught with an interactive whiteboard was a steep learning curve for me. I have always been pretty savvy with technology, but the board felt like a monster.

Strand A: 1850-1890

Luckily for me, the new science curriculum I followed incorporated the whiteboard in each lesson, slowly teaching me to use it. My students applauded my efforts; by June, I was a wiz, and they were, too. There is a temptation to incorporate only the ideas of the lesson into a plan. I like to add more details, designing not only what will be taught but also how it will be digested.

That equates to an action plan. Chinese family, Date: Location: Sarnia, Ont. Good's Locomotive Engine, Toronto Date: — ? Creator: George A. Stewart, del. In Education Section-. Onsite Education Workshops Online Resources. Travelling Workshops Professional Development. As the groups are making their posters, circulate and help with grammar, vocab, spelling.

Also, make sure the rules you want are on each poster. Allow students to use different colors and draw pictures - the posters should be attractive and fun. When the posters are finished, get everyone in the group to sign it. This helps to reinforce the rules as a kind of classroom "contract"- if any rules are broken in future lessons you can point to the rule which the offending student has signed.

Finally, get your students to pin their posters to the wall.

Groups can then present their rules poster to the class - this should bring up some good discussion as well as the use of modals. Classroom stationery quiz We will finish the lesson with a fun activity based around the vocab of classroom stationery.

Before class, prepare a box of loads of different classroom stationery pen, pencil, eraser, crayon, ruler, stapler, staples, glue, paper, folder, hole punch, pencil sharpener, white out, scotch tape, pencil case, marker, calculator, etc. Put students into teams of and tell them that you are going to show them some objects that they must write down on a piece of paper.

Points will be given for each correct answer as follows:.

Eight Questions for Better Lessons

Explain that the winning team will win a prize prepare some stickers or candy! Take out each object and teams work together to write down the answers - some they will probably know and some not.

Lesson Plan Sections

At the end, get each team to swap papers and go through the answers as teams mark the answer sheets. Present the prize to the winning team. Play "What's missing?

Easy Engineering Lesson Plans & Activities for Ages

Tell everyone to close their eyes - then remove one item. Say "Open your eyes" and everyone must shout out the missing item. Do this for all of the items. Found a mistake?

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Lesson Plans The Eight Lesson Plans The Eight
Lesson Plans The Eight Lesson Plans The Eight
Lesson Plans The Eight Lesson Plans The Eight
Lesson Plans The Eight Lesson Plans The Eight
Lesson Plans The Eight Lesson Plans The Eight

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