Flying Fish and Scotch with Water

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The quality of roti — even in Trinidad and Guyana — can range from superb to truly dreadful, and the truly dreadful is a culinary experience to avoid at all costs. So ask around.

A Little Mannish Water: Caribbean Cuisine

Today, jerk chicken and jerk pork have become a world-wide phenomenon, and jerked food — varying considerably in authenticity and quality — can be found in many Caribbean islands. The meat is then cooked over a slow burning wood-fire, which adds a distinctive smoky flavour. Many of the dishes that remain popular favourites throughout the islands today date back to the days of slavery, when plantation owners would take the choice cuts from the animals and give their field workers the remains to make the most of.

Make the most of them they did.

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Dishes that were concocted out of necessity under harsh and primitive conditions are today regarded as delicacies. Souse is a classic example. Souse is often accompanied by a spicy, homemade sausage known as pudding.

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In Barbados, pudding-and-souse ranks equal first with flying fish as the national dish, and there the pudding is made with finely ground and highly seasoned sweet potatoes. Goat is another favourite meat throughout the islands.

Flying Fish Jersey Juice Ipa 4pk 16oz Cans

Goat water is a favourite in St. Both are soups of a medium consistency. It may sound a little off-putting, but the results, I can assure you, are absolutely delicious.

Fish, naturally, is a favourite throughout the islands, and while many countries have their own national specialties, fried fish and steamed fish are the two most common methods of preparation. They like their fish on the bone, thank you very much, and, depending on the size, usually fry their fish whole or in slices another culinary aside: a notable exception is Barbados, where boneless dolphin, king fish and flying fish are favoured. The fish, often freshly-caught snapper or grouper, is lightly seasoned, sometimes dusted with a little flour, then crisply fried in shallow fat.

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  • Steamed fish are usually cooked in a little butter and water in a covered saucepan with onions, garlic, pepper and tomatoes adding a distinct flavour to the gravy. The vessels would return to the Caribbean carrying dried and salted codfish, which became: hugely popular — along with other salted products such as mackerel, pork, pig tails and beef— in the days before refrigeration.

    That popularity has continued to this day. Not so long ago, saltfish was regarded very much as a staple of the masses, but over the past couple of decades prices have skyrocketed as the fish has become more popular in North America.

    Are We Gonna Survive Drinking This? (100 Year Old Whiskey)

    Today, much of the salted cod that finds its way to the islands tends to be of poor quality, with bones still in and a thick scaly skin still attached. But salt cod dishes remain popular in the Caribbean, and nowhere more so than Jamaica, where saltfish with ackee — a fruit that looks very much like scrambled eggs — is one of the classic national dishes.

    A Little Mannish Water: Caribbean Cuisine

    Saltfish recipes usually call for the fish to be soaked in water and then boiled before cooking in order to remove much of the brine and ensure tenderness. Recipes, naturally, vary enormously, but most call for the fish to be prepared with the ubiquitous onion, garlic, pepper and tomato mix. Saltfish cakes — highly seasoned balls of fish either deep or shallow fried — are one of the most popular snacks throughout the Caribbean and, properly prepared, are nothing short of addictive. Rice, usually cooked with some form of peas, tends to come with virtually every main dish in every Caribbean nation.

    The peas can vary from island to island, cook to cook. Pigeon peas, black-eye peas and lentils are popular throughout the region, while in Jamaica, red peas kidney beans are favoured. Caribbean food is as exotic as the islands themselves, as varied as the potpourri of people who call them home.

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      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water
      Flying Fish and Scotch with Water

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