Ben Franklin Is An Alien

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Franklin on Immigration

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Observations Concerning the Increase of Mankind, 1751

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February 05, 2008

Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Ethan Miles and his cousin Danielle are average middle grade kids until that Friday in October when they meet two visitors from Pluto. Turns out Plutonians have been living on Earth for centuries and they can preserve minds.

German-American Discourse on Politics and Culture

For years they've been filling little bottles with the preserved minds of the greatest humans in history. They bring them out one at a time and put them in alien bodies. That's what they do for Benjamin Franklin. They match him to a young person - that's Ethan - and give him three days to live in the modern world. That was the plan, but as Ethan and Danielle find out, great minds don't always go along with the plan. Franklin runs away to Paris with the science teacher and things get worse from there. There's a kidnapping, a secret lab, a fire and - well, let's just say that not all aliens are good guys.

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Ben Franklin Is An Alien by J. C. Wabash, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®

About the Author J. Wabash is the pen name of artist and writer Julia Watson. Julia worked for many years as a research scientist, and perhaps that's why she was inspired to write about one of America's first science enthusiasts, Benjamin Franklin.

Ben Franklin Is An Alien Ben Franklin Is An Alien
Ben Franklin Is An Alien Ben Franklin Is An Alien
Ben Franklin Is An Alien Ben Franklin Is An Alien
Ben Franklin Is An Alien Ben Franklin Is An Alien
Ben Franklin Is An Alien Ben Franklin Is An Alien

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