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Autarkic - Strange Alliances (Trikk Selvica Cosmica Mix) [DGTL006]

Chevron A. But that precedent, according to the pension funds, has looked at the compact between shareholders and corporations as a matter of corporate law — not contract law. As the Supreme Court has interpreted the FAA, arbitration provisions are governed by contract, which means, according to the pension funds, that both companies and shareholders must agree to mandatory arbitration.

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Under that reasoning, the funds said, shareholder arbitration cannot be imposed by a unilateral corporate bylaw. Shareholder might not even know if a corporation decides to amend its bylaws to impose arbitration of securities claims. Because I have to tell you I honestly don't think I would put up much of a fight. Ares did something he very rarely did, decided to be completly open and honest about his motives.

The honesty in his statement took her by surprise. She had come to expect many diffrent things from Ares.

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But straight forward answers? This was something new for him. I'll even go so far as to say that I think you loved her, in your own way. But I don't know what you think you can do An admission of defeat from the hopless optimist? Where is the Gabrielle that always thinks everything is going to work out? He was taunting her that much was clear, but why?

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  7. She couldn't understand what he hoped to gain by getting her angry "Don't push it Ares She looked at his defiaint stance and just decided it wasn't worth it. He stood and watched until she walked out of sight, Aphrodite appeared beside him. I have had more than one conflict with the dear little bard. I thought I knew the right buttons to push. I gotta ask this.

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    Why do you want me to work so hard to piss your little friend off. Normally you wouldn't want her upset. What's the deal?

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    Many people mistook Aphrodite for an empty headed blonde who's thoughts didn't extend beyond how she could look her sexiest and what she could do to make herself happy. Most of the time the image people and even other Gods of her didn't bother her, but Ares should have been able to put two and two together. She is shutting down, the pain of losing Xena is getting to be too much. She is starting to slowly but surely block herself off emotionally.

    If we don't get to her some way soon it may be to late.

    He threw his hands up in the air. I thought this was supposed to be about Xena About bringing her back. How is getting Gabrielle stirred up going to accomplish that?

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    Gabrielle is the key to getting Xena back. But we have to reach her, make her want to fight. That will make Xena want to fight we need them both to be at their sharpest for this to work and right now Gabrielle has reached a point where she just doesn't care anymore. I went and talked to Eve, I told her Gabrielle was going to need her support, but the truth is love and compassion aren't what is going to turn this around, her passions need to be stirred. At this point it is going to take anger to make that happen.

    Gabrielle has to get angry for what is coming and frankly your the best one for that job. He couldn't help the smug grin that krept across his features. Just trust me please? Eli has a plan It stuck in his throat that Eli was the one that seemed to be directing this whole thing and he had only been let in on slivers of the plan. But if it meant that it would bring Xena back from the dead he would go along.


    Editorial: Tire issue creates some strange alliances

    He had not been lying to Gabrielle when he said that he loved Xena but he knew the warriors heart was with the bard. Still she was the only woman, mortal or God that had ever truly touched his heart. If it wasn't her true time to die But if this is what it is going to take to bring Xena back then I'll go along. Knowing that Gabrielle was looking for her, Eve decided to set of for the nearest port. From what Aphrodite had told her she pretty much knew where the bard would be landing.

    Now it would just be a question of finding where she was staying. She had prayed to Eli for help, expecting him to offer the same advice as always. That love and peace would be the way for her to reach Gabrielle. The answers she had recevied to her questions had left her confused, still she had every confidance that what she was about to do was the right thing.

    The village buzzed with activity. How long had it been since she had been here? She had kept to the less populated areas not wanting to lead the people that had followed her in Eli's teachings into situations that would get them hurt. Even though the teachings of Eli were growing and gaining acceptance there were still thoses that saw it as an affront to their way of life and belifs.

    Stopping to stable her horse she asked the stable master. She would be a little shorter than me, blonde hair, green eyes Yes I've seen her, that's her horse over there. She's taken a room at the tavern my Brother owns across the street. Eve knew it was an odd question to ask, but she had to know before going in what she would be facing. He sat back and thought about the question for a moment. I mean she was just interested in getting a room. Not really big on conversation just sort of acted like I know when I told her the price for the room I expected her to try and bargin with me.

    My Brother, he charges a bit much for his rooms I always thought and when I 'm taking care of the place people always try to get a better deal. In the short time Eve had spent with her Mother and Gabrielle, she had learned one thing about the bard. She loved a ggod bargin, and she was better than anyone Eve had ever met at charming people into giving her a better deal. For Gabrielle to just accept a price, espeically an inflated one with out so much as a word said a lot about her state of mind. She turned to the stble master. He good see in her eyes what she was going to ask and decided to spare her the pain of having to ask it.

    Don't worry, neither of you will have any trouble while you are here. But several seasons ago she and Xena came through here. A band of cut throats had taken over the town and were holding our woman and children hostage to get us to do what they wanted. They were going to sell us all of into slavery The healthy ones anyway Xena and Gabrielle saved us all. They saved my wife and son. If it hadn't been for them Making sure that you don't have problems while you are here is the least I can do for them. It never failed to amaze Eve how much her Mother and Gabrielle's actions touched and effected the life of so many people.

    He extended a hand to her, grasping her fore arm firmly "Thaddeus. Many of us had hoped it wasn't true. But when I saw Gabrielle today I knew it had to be. We had heard stories about you too. How you had been the Bitch Of Rome, how you had turned from that life and become a messenger of peace but I guess I just didn't expect to see as much of your Mother in you as I do.

    Eve blushed at his words. Looking towards the tavern he told the young woman. Nodding her head she turned to leave the stable, she wasn't sure how she should handle her first meeting with the woman she considered to be a second Mother to her. Should she act like she knew nothing of Xena's death and let let Gabrielle break the news to her?



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